Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC)

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The Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC) began during the rearmament debate in 1983. We made our first public appearance with our flag, banners and lots of singing in the human chain protesting the deployment of Pershing missiles under the Nato Double Decision in the fall of that year. The members of MAPC are mainly U.S. citizens who are concerned about American foreign policy and unilaterism and the decline of democracy. We endeavor to reveal the diverse and differing opinions that exist in the U.S. and which are mainly ignored in the established press.

MAPC wants to draw attention to the issues, actions and protagonists of the U.S. American peace movement and their counterparts in the Germany. We have increased awareness of topics such as disarmament, conversion, asylum for foreigners, non-violent resistance, US foreign policy and the plight of the Native American.

More recently MAPC has focused on the worldwide effects of globalization as a result of U.S. foreign policy .

Our activities naturally increase during times of crisis. We are presently dealing with topics relating to September 11 and increased US unilateralism.

We take part in and organize demonstrations, inform ourselves and become politically knowledgeable, write letters to the president, our senators and representatives, meet with other political groups, and take part in panel, TV and radio discussions.

We meet once a month to exchange ideas and plan activities. We welcome new English-speaking members.

If you are interested in joining us, please contact: