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Guardian , GB
Ha'aretz , YNet, Jerusalem Post, Israel
Le Monde Diplomatic , FR
The Nation , USA

New York Times , USA
Washington Post , USA  

Liste von Zeitungsbeiträgen und Artikeln aus der Zeit Juni 2006 bis Juni 2007

28.12.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Disinformation, secrecy and lies: How the Gaza offensive came about", "Desinformation, Geheimhaltung und Lügen: Wie die Gaza-Offensive zustande kam"
27.12.08 New York Times Karin Laub, AP, "Analysis: Hamas Unlikely to Be Toppled", "Analyse: Die Hamas wird kaum gestürzt werden"
23.12.08 Haaretz Benny Chafetz, "Fewer attacks, more hatred" (Karte dazu)
21.12.08 Guardian Peter Beaumont, "Israeli blockade 'forces Palestinians to search rubbish dumps for food' "
20.12.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "Once a Political Riser, an Israeli Challenges His Country’s Identity" (Avraham Burg)
20.12.08 YNet Reuters, "International activists' boat arrives in Gaza", 5. Landung
19.12.08 Guardian Richard Falk, "My expulsion from Israel", "Meine Ausweisung aus Israel"
19.12.08 Haaretz Daniel Levy, "A short path, from Gaza to Somalia"
19.12.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "A Gaza Truce Undone by Flaws May Be Revived by Necessity"
18.12.08 Haaretz Natasha Mozgovaya, "Leftist U.S. Jewish group backs Israelis who shun IDF enlistment"
18.12.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Britain steps up fight against West Bank settlements"
18.12.08 Jerusalem Post JPost, "UNRWA suspends Gaza food distribution"
17.12.08 Guardian Seth Freedman, "Remove the blinkers and see the truth"
16.1208 Haaretz Navanethem Pillay, "The anti-racism debate"
16.12.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Democracy in the West Bank? Not if it's up to Israel"
16.12.08 Haaretz Adam Keller, "Boycott of settlements' industries is taking its toll"
15.12.08 Guardian Andrew Sparrow, "Israeli settlements are blockage to Middle East peace, says Gordon Brown"
15.12.08 YNet AP, "Israel warned against halting cash flow to Gaza"
13.12.08 Guardian Daniel Barenboim, "Equal before Beethoven" (West-Eastern Divan Orchester)
12.12.08 Haaretz AP, "Palestinian poll: 40 percent of Gaza residents wish to emigrate"
12.12.08 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Amira Hass returns to Gaza after a two-year absence"
12.12.08 Haaretz Amira Hass, "UNRWA struggles for permits to import musical instruments, textbooks into Gaza"
11.12.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "An Israeli Party Tips Further Right as Its Leader Woos Centrists"
10.1208 YNet Reuters, "UN's recipe for peace, in just 99 steps"
9.12.08 Guardian Ron Prosor (israelischer Botschafter in GB), "A gulf worth bridging", A revived peace initiative will stumble unless Arab states recognise Israel and make rhetoric reality
8.12.08 Guardian Toni O'Loughlin, "Shin Bet vetoed Arab Israeli's job as mosque imam"
7.12.08 YNet Aviad Glickman, "Report: Israel a discriminatory state", 'Association for Civil Rights' report
7.12.08 YNet YNet, "Police seize boat ahead of Gaza sail"
7.12.08 Jerusalem Post JTA, "Carter to publish new peace book", "We Can Bring Peace to the Holy Land"
6.12.08 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "New Tensions in Jerusalem’s Arab Neighborhoods"
5.12.08 Jerusalem Post Yaakov Katz, ..., "UN ME envoy slams settler violence", ME: Middle East envoy
5.12.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Obama's 'Palestinian friend' laments catastrophic U.S. policy in Mideast"
5.12.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "Israeli Troops Evict Settlers in the West Bank" (mit Bildern)
5.12.08 Guardian Karen AbuZayd, "Action, not words" (Gaza, Karen AbuZayd is the commissioner general of the United Nations Relief and Works Agency
4.12.08 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Hajj in exchange for power"
4.12.08 Haaretz Reuters, "Libya accuses Israel of piracy for blocking Gaza aid ship"
4.12.08 Haaretz Efrat Weiss, "Hebron evacuation completed within hour"
3.12.08 Haaretz Agenturen, "Israeli Arab leaders vow to sail to Gaza to break blockade"
2.12.08 Haaretz Amos Harel and Nadav Shragai, "Fresh clashes erupt between settlers and Palestinians in Hebron"
1.12.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Israel alarmed by EU bid to reopen Orient House as part of peace plan"
1.12.08 Haaretz Tomer Zarchin und AP, "Hamas tells Haaretz journalist Amira Hass to leave Gaza"
1.12.08 Washington Post Ben Hubbard, "Failure of Libyan ship shows limits on aid to Gaza"
28.11.08 Haaretz Gili Izikovich and AP, "Foreign journalists speak out against ban on entry to Gaza"
27.11.08 Jerusalem Post AP, "Fayad seeks steps against settlements"
27.11.08 Guardian Abe Hayeem, "A monument to intolerance?"
26.11.08 YNet Ynetnews, "Experts: Failure to integrate Arabs costing Israel billions"
26.11.08 YNet Ynet, "Report: Most Palestinian claims of IDF abuse don't lead to charges",
"Die meisten Fälle von Misshandlung durch IDF führen nicht zu Anklagen"
25.11.08 Haaretz Shlomo Shamir, "Top UN official: Israel's policies are like apartheid of bygone era"
21.11.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Born in sin" (The Israeli peace camp was born in sin and died because of a lie ...)
21.11.08 YNet Reuters, "UN says Gaza on brink of humanitarian disaster"
20.11.08 Haaretz Haaretz Staff and, "Video / Prof. Avi Shlaim: Settlements turned Israel into apartheid state",
"Thema : What happened to the zionist dream? (deutsche Übersetzung)
18.11.08 YNet Ali Waked, "3 leftist activists detained off Gaza shore"
18.11.08 New York Times AP, "Israeli Tanks Rumble Into Gaza"
17.11.08 Jerusalem Post Yaakov Lappin, "Israel, Germany reportedly develop missile warning system"
15.11.08 YNet Dr. Dmitry Radyshevsky, "The Lion King and Zionism" (Just like in the famous musical, ‘lions’ of the Israeli Left usurped the throne) Mal was anderes.
15.11.08 YNet Merav Yudilovitch, "Pro-Palestinian group: Cancel Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra's Michigan concert"
14.11.08 Haaretz Uri Blau, "Barak approved settlement expansion despite Road Map"
13.11.08 New York Times Sarah Wheaton, "Emanuel Apologizes for Father’s ‘Arab’ Comments"
13.11.08 Haaretz Anshel Pfeffer, "Some 'sage' advice from Britain"
13.11.08 Jerusalem Post Tovah Lazaroff, "Foreign reporters furious over Gaza ban"
12.11.08 Haaretz AP, "High Court orders Beit El to stop building on private Arab land" (Karte dazu)
11.11.09 YNet Sharon Roffe-Ofir, "Olmert: Discrimination against Arabs deliberate"
10.11.08 Haaretz Michael Bahl, "Elderly Palestinian couple evicted from East Jerusalem home despite U.S. protest"
10.11.08 YNet AFP, "Blair urges Obama to make Mideast peace a priority"
9.1108 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Let's hope Obama won't be a 'friend of Israel' "
9.11.08 Haaretz Amira Hass, "Haniyeh: Hamas willing to accept Palestinian state with 1967 borders"
9.11.08 Haaretz Amira Hass, "How we busted the naval siege on Gaza"
8.11.08 Washington Post Diaa Hadid, "Boat breaks Gaza Strip blockade, sails into port"
8.11.08 Haaretz (YNet,
Jerusalem Post)
Agenturen, "Protest boat carrying European MPs arrives in Gaza Strip"
7.11.08 Jerusalem Post Jonny Paul, "London U. event likens Gaza to Ghetto" (U. => university)
7.11.08 Haaretz Uri Blau, "IDF asks police, Shin Bet for info on left-wing figures active in W. Bank", "IDF fragt die Polizei und den Shin Bet nach Informationen über linksgerichtete Aktivisten im Westjordanland"
6.11.08 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "In Israel, Rice Faces Limited Prospects for Peace Process"
6.11.08 Haaretz AP, "World Bank: Palestinian economy could flourish if Israel eased restrictions"
5.11.08 Haaretz Yagil Levy, "The IDF is disintegrating"
5.11.08 New York Times Editorial, "The War Within"
5.11.08 Washington Post Steve Weizman, "Israeli officials report rocket barrage from Gaza" (vorher gab es allerdings in Gaza ein Gefecht und einen kleinen Luftangriff mit mehreren Toten)
4.11.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid and Anshel Pfeffer, "Britain to EU: Clamp down on imports from settlements"
4.11.08 Jerusalem Post AP und JPost, "Hamas lawmakers invited to visit EU HQ"
2.11.08 Guardian Victoria Brittain, "From Goma to Gaza, Mr Miliband"
31.10.08 Jerusalem Post AP, "IDF demolishes illegal Beduin shacks in West Bank"
31.10.08 YNet Ali Waked, "Settlers rebuild demolished structure, attack Palestinians"
30.10.08 Haaretz Meron Benvenisti, "A monument to a lost time and lost hopes" (neu eröffnetes Peres Peace House in Jaffa)
30.10.08 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Advocates for Gaza Challenge Blockade"
29.10.08 YNet Associated Press and Yael Levy, "Boat arrives in Gaza to protest blockade"
29.10.08 Haaretz Nadav Shragai, " 4 Palestinians claim descent from Jews forced to convert"
28.10.08 Haaretz Lily Galili, "A chance to yell at Yossi Beilin"
27.10.08 Jerusalem Post Dan Izenberg, " 'Israel strangles Area C development' "
27.10.08 Jerusalem Post Herb Keinon, "Boat will be stopped from reaching Gaza"
27.10.08 Neues Deutschland Interview Moshe Zuckermann, "»Die Okkupation provoziert den Terror«"
26.10.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Yes, hate"
26.10.08 Jerusalem Post Allison Hoffmann, "UN: Israel violated Geneva Conventions"
25.10.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, " Twilight Zone / Night of prayer"
25.10.08 Jerusalem Post Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, "Foreign experts barred by IDF from Gaza mental health conference"
25.10.08 Guardian Seth Freedman, "Palestinians get to play on home turf at last" (doch nicht in Gaza)
24.10.08 Jerusalem Post Tovah Lazaroff, "Swedes relocate West Bank firm"
23.10.08 Haaretz AP, " Report: West Bank real estate prices soaring beyond reach" (Weltbankbericht, in Ramallah $ 4000/qm, siehe auch Haaretz v. 26.8.08)
22.1008 Jerusalem Post  Jonny Paul, "Palestinian challenges UK's policy on arms exports to Israel"
22.10.08 Jerusalem Post AP, "Hamas in control"
21.10.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Palestinian group says Israelis killed 68 children in Gaza in year"
20.10.08 Guardian Toni O'Loughlin, "Israel considers reviving Saudi peace plan to resolve conflict"
19.10.08 Jerusalem Post Herb Keinon, " Israeli officials reject Saudi peace plan revival"
19.10.08 Jerusalem Post Yaakov Katz, Yaakov Lappin, Staff, " 'Olive harvest has become more violent' "
17.10.08 Washington Post Graham Dunbar, "Palestine to play first match in home stadium" (sogar in Gaza Stadt, aber s. 25.10.08)
16.10.08 Haaretz Fadi Eyadat, " Two Palestinian girls detained in Israel without trial for months"
15.10.08 Haaretz Meron Benvenisti, "Festival of hatred"
15.10.08 Washington Post Linda Gradstein, "W. Bank Settlers' Rage Grows"
12.10.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "We are all 'mixed' "
Jerusalem Post Yigal Sarna, "Akko's war of the poor"
11.10.08 Haaretz Michael Sfard, " The commander's criminal intent"
10.10.08 Jerusalem Post Zoher Bahalul, "We never had coexistence" (Akko)
11.10.08 Jerusalem Post AP und Yaakov Lappin, "Arab leaders to condemn Acre (Akko) man who drove on Yom Kippur"
9.11.08 Freitag Jeff Halper, "Wir weigern uns, Feinde zu sein"
7.10.08 Jerusalem Post Judy Siegel-Itzkovich, "Shin Bet bars Jews in Physicians for Human Rights from entering Gaza"
5.10.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "The Balkans have arrived"
5.10.08 Frankfurter Rundschau Inge Günther, Interview mit Zeef Sternhell, "Keiner legt sich mit den Siedlern an"
3.10.08 Jerusalem Post Staff, "Settlers, leftists clash in Hebron area"
2.10.08 Jerusalem Post Larry Derfner, "Image makers" (Videokameras)
30.9.08 Washington Post Gershom Gorenberg, "Failure Written in West Bank Stone"
30.9.08 counterpunch Jonathan Cook, "The Attack on Zeev Sternhell"
29.9.08 Guardian Peter Tatchell, "Ahmadinejad accepts Israel's right to exist"
29.9.08 Jerusalem Post Jonny Hadi and AP, "PM slammed for West Bank, J'lem comments" (Olmert)
22.9.08 Washington Post Jackson Diehl, "A Peace From the Bottom Up"
20.9.08 Haaretz AP und Haaretz, "Rafah crossing opens temporarily for passage of university students, patients"
20.9.08 New York Times AP, "Palestinians despairing of independence effort", (s. auch 3.9.08 WP)
18.9.08 Haaretz  Shlomo Shamir, "General Assembly chief: UN must adopt 1947 resolution on partition of Palestine"
17.9.08 YNet Ali Waked, "Neturei Karta join anti-fence rally"
17.9.08 Jerusalem Post AP, "Int'l report: Israeli restrictions hinder PA economy"
15.9.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid und Nadav Shragai, "Police yet to make arrests, take testimony on settler rampage"
(in 'Asira al-Qibliya, Asira al-Kabiliya, Asira el-Kibliyeh, Karten dazu)
12.9.08 Guardian Seth Freedman, "Read it and weep"
12.9.08 Jerusalem Post Efrat Weiss, "Army jails soldier who delayed pregnant woman at checkpoint" (14 Tage Haft für ein tot(geboren?)es Kind)
11.9.08 Jerusalem Post David Forman, "Counterpoint: The failure was our fault too" (David Forman ist der Gründer der Organisation "Rabbiner für Menschenrechte")
11.9.08 Guardian Abdalaziz Okasha, "A blockade of young minds"
11.9.08 YNet Noa Raz, "Blair sister-in-law: Gaza world’s largest concentration camp", "Blairs Schwägerin: Gaza ist das weltgrößte Konzentrationslager" (pdf)
Herbst 08; 19 Die Gazette Judith Bernstein, "Deutsche Befindlichkeit"
10.9.08 Jerusalem Post Dan Izenberg, " 'Israel is dividing Gazan, W. Bank populations' "
9.9.08 Haaretz Irit Rosenblum, "Tourists may tread 'Pilgrim's Route,' visit W. Bank Christian sites by next year"
6.9.08 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Israel Aids Palestinians With Arms"
4.9.08 New York Times Isabel Kershner, "Support for 2-State Plan Erodes", "Unterstützung für den Zwei-Staaten-Plan bröckelt"
3.9.08 Washington Post Wafa Amr, "Palestinians study options if peace talks fail", "Palästinenser untersuchen Alternativen, falls die Friedensgespräche fehlschlagen" (50-Seiten-Dokument der Palestine Strategy Studies Group (PSSG) mit dem Titel "Palestinian Strategic Options to End the Israeli Occupation", Übersetzung der Zusammenfassung
3.9.08 Haaretz Reuters, "Israel, Egypt won't let Blair's sister-in-law leave Gaza by land"
31.8.08 Occupation Magazine Beate Zilversmidt, "Citizens in a State-Solution Now", (Anmerkung zum Gespräch mit Sari Nusseibeh vom 15.8.08 und Kommentaren dazu)
30.8.08 Haaretz News Agencies, "Gaza blockade-busting boats planning a second voyage"
29.8.08 Washington Post Linda Gradstein, "Boats Depart Gaza After Aid Delivery", "Boote verlassen Gaza nach Hilfslieferung"
28.8.08 Guardian Ron Prosor (israelischer Botschafter in Großbritannien), "Showboating over Gaza" 
28.8.08 Jerusalem Post AP and Yaakov Katz, "Activist ships depart Gaza for Cyprus" (Jeff Halper wurde verhaftet und gegen Kaution freigelassen. Jeff Halpers Bericht: "End of an Odyssey", "Ende einer Odyssee"
28.8.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Twilight Zone / Caught on camera", "Mit der Kamera erwischt"
26.8.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Border control / Caution: There is no partner II"
26.8.08 Haaretz Raz Smolsky, "Barak puts Tel Aviv apartment up for sale for NIS 40 million" (ca. € 70.000 pro qm. Gibt es da etwa einen Zusammenhang zum vorgehenden Artikel dieses Tages?)
26.8.08 Haaretz Nadav Shragai, "Peace Now: West Bank settlement construction nearly doubled this year"
24.8.08 Jerusalem Post Herb Keinon, "Analysis: Winning a media battle, but (potentially) losing the war" (Gaza-Boote)
24.8.08 YNet Ali Waked, "Palestinians: Leftist boats didn't bring enough food"
24.8.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Haniyeh: Arrival of blockade-busting boats spells end of Gaza siege"
24.8.08 New York Times Taghreed El-Khodary and Isabel Kershner, "Rights Advocates Defy Israeli Blockade of Gaza"
24.8.08 Washington Post Linda Gradstein, "Activists Break Blockade of Gaza"
23.8.08 BBC, 15:30 GMT "Activist boats reach Gaza Strip"
23.8.08 Guardian Osama Qashoo, "Intimidation will not stop our boats sailing for Gaza",
"Einschüchterung wird unsere Boote nicht davon abhalten, nach Gaza zu fahren", s. auch  freegaza, Nachricht von Gush Shalom am 23.8.08: The last message received from the boats, at about 10am this morning (Cyprus time), was that the area they entered was blanketed by heavy electronic jamming, which interferes with vital systems on board, and that they are experiencing rough sea conditions. Afterwards, contact was cut off.
23.8.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Middle East: Israel declares Gaza protest boats will not reach their destination",
"Mittlerer Osten: Israel erklärt, dass die Gaza-Protestboote ihr Ziel nicht errreichen werden", s. auch  freegaza
22.8.08 Haaretz Cnaan Liphshiz, "Not even mock summit could solve Mideast conflict"
22.8.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "ANALYSIS / Fence relocation is acknowledgment that route is politically motivated"
21.8.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "UNIFIL chief seeks meeting with Defense Minister Barak, in vain" (Libanon, Verletzung der Resolution 1701)
21.8.08 Haaretz AP, "Cyprus lets activists sail to Gaza, despite Israeli siege", s. auch  freegaza
15.8.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, " 'We are running out of time' ", Gespräch mit Sari Nusseibeh, dem Präsidenten der Al-Quds-Universität
14.8.08 Haaretz Or Kashti, "Ministry refusing to cooperate with new Arab education body"
12.8.07 Information Clearing House Stellungnahme zum Artikel von Benny Morris am 18.7.08 (s.u.) , "Jewish International Opposition Statement Against Attack on Iran",  "Stellungnahme der internationalen jüdischen Opposition gegen einen Angriff auf den Iran"
12.8.08 Guardian Ahdaf Soueif, "The laureate of all Arabs" (Mahmoud Darwish)
8.8.08 Ynet Tomer Brand, "Blogging for peace" (Sderot - Gaza)
8.8.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "A painful return to fateful hours" (Libanonkrieg)
8.8.08 Guardian Oliver Burkeman, "High noon in the Middle East" (Jonathan Demme-Film: Jimmy Carter - Man From Plains)
8.8.08 Haaretz Zeev Sternhell, "Zionism's dying between Hebron and Yitzhar",
"Der Zionismus stirbt zwischen Hebron und Yitzhar"
7.8.08 Guardian Seth Freedman, "Israel's front-line thugs"
7.8.08 Haaretz/ counterpunch Ofri Ilani, "Israeli prof. joins 40 activists sailing to Gaza"/ Jeff Halper, "An Israeli Jew in Gaza",
"Ein israelischer Jude in Gaza", laufende Berichterstattung s. freegaza
7.8.08 Haaretz Meron Benvenisti, "They were not wanted in Ramallah" (vgl. 5.8.08), "Unerwünscht in Ramallah"
6.8.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "Why did the U.S. turn away Gaza Fulbright scholars?" (vgl. 11.7.08)
5.8.08 New York Times/
Süddeutsche Zeitg
Ethan Bronner, "In Gaza, a Blurry Line Between Enemies and Friends" /
Thorsten Schmitz, "Mit Macht lockt der Feind" (Fatah-Leute flüchten aus Gaza nach Israel)
30.7.08 Süddeutsche Zeitg Fred Pearce, "Quell des Lebens und des Streits"
30.7.08 Haaretz Avi Issacharoff, "Palestinian boy, 11, killed during protest at West Bank fence"
28.7.08 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Israel agrees to raze part of West Bank separation fence" (allerdings nicht bei Bil'in, sondern nördlich von Qalqilya bei Jayyous und Falamia)
28.7.08 Haaretz Shahar Ilan, Avi Issacharoff, Barak Ravid, "Olmert: Living with 270,000 Arabs in Jerusalem means more terror"
27.7.08 Haaretz Aluf Benn, "The legacy of the tahadiyeh"
25.7.08 Guardian Matthias S Klein, "Demonising Hizbullah is a blunder"
25.7.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "U.S. protests eviction of Arab family from East Jerusalem home"
23.7.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Welcome to a divided Jerusalem"
21.7.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid and Amos Harel, "Carter proposal: Exchange Shalit for dozens of Hamas politicians"
20.7.08 Jerusalem Post Josh Scheinert, "Peace Now buses turned back from Hebron again after settlers protest"
18.7.08 Washington Post Griff Witte, "Unease Over West Bank Raids" (Israel schließt Schulen und Einkaufszentrum)
18.7.08 New York Times Benny Morris, "Using Bombs to Stave Off War", "Mit Bomben einen Krieg verhindern" 
17.7.08 The Nation Linda Mamoun, "A Conversation With Richard Falk" (Richard Falk ist der neue Menschenrechtsberichterstatter für die besetzten palästinensischen Gebiete, s. auch 9.4.08)
17.7.08 The Nation Neve Gordon, "A West Bank Town's Fight to Survive" (betrifft Ni'lin/Na'alin, Karten und Sat-Aufnahmen sowie Fotostrecke von activestills)
17.7.08 Guardian Editorial, "Last act of a needless war" (Libanon)
16.7.08 Washington Post/ Newsweek Arthur Waskow, Rabbi, founder and director of The Shalom Center, "Peace and Ethics in the Mideast"
15.7.08 Guardian Toni O'Loughlin, "Children of conflict: stress takes its toll on both sides of border" (Gaza und Sderot)
11.7.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "U.S. Tries to Help 3 Scholars Barred From Leaving Gaza"
11.7.08 Independent Donald Macintyre, " 'This is like apartheid': ANC veterans visit West Bank"
9.7.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Worse than apartheid"
8.7.08 Haaretz Eli Ashkenazi, "Former water chief: Faucets could run dry this summer"
8.7.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy," 'We have no alternative than peaceful protest' "
8.7.08 Haaretz Reuters ,"Israel ends curfew on Palestinian village of Na'alin", Karten und Sat-Aufnahmen sowie Fotostrecke von activestills
7.7.08 Haaretz Yuval Azoulay, "IDF curfew forces West Bank village residents to stay indoors around the clock"
7.7.08 Haaretz Amos Harel, "Barak outlaws 36 NGOs for Hamas fundraising"
7.7.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "The great divide"
4.7.08 Jerusalem Post Jonathan D. Halevi, Ashley Perry, "What drives Ahmadinejad?" (Antwort: Die islamische Version des Jüngsten Gerichts"
3.7.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Israel terror: Three killed, 44 hurt as Palestinian runs amok with bulldozer in street" (am 2.7.08)
29.6.08 Haaretz Amos Schocken, Haaretz Herausgeber, "Citizenship law makes Israel an apartheid state"
27.6.08 Haaretz Cnaan Liphshiz, " 'Dutch Jimmy Carter' accuses Israel of terrorism in new book"
26.6.08 Jerusalem Post Calev Ben-David, "Between the lines: A 'purge' at Haaretz?"
22.6.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Quiet is muck"
22.6.08 New York Times Nicholas D. Kristof, "The Two Israels"
20.6.08 New York Times Michael R. Gordon, "U.S. Says Exercise by Israel Seemed Directed at Iran" (großes Manöver über Mittelmeer)
19.6.08 Haaretz Jonathan Lis, "Jerusalem city hall refuses services to area beyond separation fence" (innerhalb des annektierten Stadtgebiets von Jerusalem)
19.6.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "Israel Offers Lebanon Talks on Peace, and Land"
16.6.08 Haaretz Reuters, "Rice to Israel: 'Extremely important' to grant exit visas to Gaza Fulbright students"
15.6.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "A Year Reshapes Hamas and Gaza"
11.6.08 Guardian Seth Freedman, "A village in its death throes" , Mauerprotest in Nilin (Nil'in),
dazu s. Karten und Sat-Aufnahmen sowie Fotostrecke von activestills
10.6.08 Haaretz Yoav Stern, "Arab towns to distribute 'Nakba' alternative history booklet outside schools" (ausgehend vom Ort Tamra in Israel, wo Susan Nathan lebt)
9.6.08 Haaretz Yuval Azoulay, "Eight leftists hurt in clash with police at rally against separation fence" (einen namentlich nicht genannten Vizepräsidenten des Europaparlaments (14 davon gibt es) hat es dabei auch erwischt)
6.6.08 Haaretz Michael Sfard (Rechtsberater der Menschenrechtsorganisation Yesh Din), "Welcome to year 41"
6.6.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "Israel to Loosen Limits on Gaza Scholars"
4.6.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Occupation has cost Israel dear, says report"
3.6.08 New York Times Nicki Bennett, "Smells of Gaza"
3.6.08 New York Times Hussein Agha, Robert Malley, "Peace Fills a Vacuum"
2.6.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "State Dept. Reinstates Gaza Fulbright Grants"
31.5.08 Washington Post Griff Witte, "Israel Revisits Limitations on Gaza Students"
30.5.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Tutu calls for end to blockade of Gaza"
30.5.08 New York Times Ethan Bronner, "U.S. Withdraws Fulbright Grants to Gaza"
29.5.08 Haaretz Shmuel Rosner, "Jeremy Ben-Ami", Ben-Ami ist der Geschäftsführer der neuen US-Gruppe JStreet, s. 16.4.08
29.5.08 Haaretz Meron Benvenisti, "A lull of no return"
29.5.08 Guardian David Goldberg, "Prophecy of retribution" (Vergeltungsprophezeiung von 1907)
28.5.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Tutu enters Gaza to start investigation into deaths" (über Ägypten, weil Israel ihn nicht reinließ)
26.5.08 Süddeutsche Zeitg Jimmy Carter, "Die Tragödie der Palästinenser" (Project Syndicate-Artikel mit geändertem Titel, s. 8.5.08)
25.5.08 Haaretz AP und DPA, "UN: No. of roadblocks in W. Bank up 7 percent from last Sept."
25.5.08 Haaretz Melman, "Israel denies entry to high-profile critic Norman Finkelstein"
18.5.08 New York Times Jeffrey Goldberg, "Israel’s ‘American Problem’"
16.5.08 Haaretz Rotem Sela, "Israel protests UN chief Ban Ki-Moon's use of term 'nakba'"
16.5.08 Washington Post James P. Rubin, "Hypocrisy on Hamas"  (US-Präsidentschaftskandidat McCain)
14.5.08 The Nation Akiva Eldar, "On Not Passing Israel's 'Lynch Test'"
15.5.08 Guardian Seumas Milne, "Expulsion and dispossession can't be cause for celebration"
14.5.08 Süddeutsche Zeitg Ilan Mor, "Eine selbstverschuldete Tragödie", Leserbrief dazu von Evelyn Hecht-Galinski, der Tochter des langjährigen Vorsitzenden des Zentralrats der Juden, Heinz Galinski, der von der SZ gedruckt wurde.
12.5.08 Guardian "A week in Gaza", täglich ein neues Video über das Leben in Gaza
12.5.08 Haaretz Bradley Burston, "Sixty years of Nakba, 60 years of nothing"
12.5.08 Guardian Bassem Naeem, "Hamas condemns the Holocaust", "Hamas verurteilt den Holocaust" (LuftpostKL-pdf)
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8.5.08 Project Syndicate,
Guardian (bearb.)
Jimmy Carter, "A Human Rights Crime In Gaza", bzw. Guardian-Version, "Ein Verbrechen gegen die Menschenrechte in Gaza"
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6.5.08 Süddeutsche Zeitg Fuad Hamdam, "Auf den Ruinen eines Volkes"
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28.4.08 New York Times Jimmy Carter, "Pariah Diplomacy ", "Paria-Diplomatie"
22.4.08 New York Times Interview mit Jimmy Carter nach seinem Treffen mit Hamas (mp3), Ergänzung dazu (mp3)
21.4.08 Haaretz Akiva Eldar, "Dear Diplomat, whose side are you really on?"
21.4.08 Haaretz Gideon Levy, "Like gang warfare"
21.4.08 New York Times Reuters, "Carter Says Hamas Open to Peace Deal"
18.4.08 Guardian Rory McCarthy, "Palestinian journalist killed by metal darts from Israeli shell" (Flechettes-Munition, s. dazu  und)
18.4.08 Frankfurter Rundschau Erklärung: "Glückwünsche und Sorgen" (gekürzte Fassung), vollständig als pdf-Datei
18.4.08 Haaretz Barak Ravid, "IDF troops do nothing as Hebron settlers threaten German MPs". Betroffen war die deutsch-israelische Parlamentariergruppe des Bundestags mit Jerzy Montag als Vorsitzendem.
17.4.08 Washington Post Mahmoud al-Zahar, "No Peace Without Hamas"
16.4.08 Haaretz Shmuel Rosner, "New Jewish-American lobby wants to be alternative to AIPAC"
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10.4.08 London Review of Books Henry Siegman, "Grab more hills, expand the territory"
10.4.08 Süddeutsche Zeitg Henry Siegman, "Israels falsche Freunde"
10.4.08 Haaretz Israel's Olympic Cmte. head slams attempt to boycott Beijing games (Menschenrechte gehören in die UN!!)
9.4.08 Haaretz, AP Israel to deny UN official entry for comparing Israel to Nazis (betrifft Richard Falk, den Nachfolger von John Dugard)
3.4.08 Haaretz, AP Wiesel, Dershowitz want U.S. to boycott Durban conference (UN Anti-Rassismus-Konferenz)
31.3.08-Ausg. The Nation Berkeley students stage a die-in to raise awareness about the killings in Gaza
28.3.08 New York Times E. Bronner, "Barred From Main Road, Palestinians Fear Two-Tiered System",
(Ausgesperrt von der Hauptstraße befürchten die Palästinenser ein zweigeteiltes System), s. Karte dazu
27.3.08 The Jewish Daily Forward M. Perelman, U.N. Taps American Jewish Critic of Israel as Rights Expert (Richard Falk wird Nachfolger von John Dugard)
19.3.08 Haaretz Tom Segev, "ANALYSIS: Merkel condemns Qassams, but ignores Israel's actions",
"Analyse: Merkel verurteilt Qassams, ignoriert aber Israels Aktionen"
10.3.08 Haaretz IDF operation in Gaza not an issue for German media, Israelische Aufklärung in Deutschland
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