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Munich American Peace Committee (MAPC)

Monatliche Ankündigungen/ monthly announcements

MAPC-Treffen normalerweise jeden 3. Sonntag im Monat/ MAPC meetings normally the third Sunday of the month

19. Aug. 06
In August there will be a bicycle tour instead of a normal meeting . Steve is planning a trip in the Landsberg area. We will take our bikes on the train on Saturday, August 19, rain date Sunday, August 20.  If the weather is bad both days, we will try again the following weekend. We will meet at 10:00 a.m. at the train station. Please call 98 70 01 if you have questions.
7. Juli 06
The July meeting will be early because of the protest against Bush's visit to Stralsund.  We will meet at the usual place but on Friday, July 7  instead of 14.
Juni 06

Mai 06

21. April 06
Guests will be Augustin Aguayo and wife and two children. This is the military family we have been helping to support morally and financially for almost a year. He was refused on his first application for conscientious objector status, applied again and was recently refused again. He should go back to Iraq in May, but will refuse to go and refuse to carry a gun even in manoeuvres here.  He risks being sent to prison. He is going to tell us about his reasons for wanting to be a CO, about the endless procedures he has gone through and about his last hope, a civil court case in the US.