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(not updated during the time between Oct. 2002 and Mar. 2004)

30. June. 2008
"Camilo, der lange Weg zum Ungehorsam", Film by Peter Lilienthal & podium discussion with U.S.- and Bundeswehr military in resistance,
Filmmuseum of the Stadtmuseum Munich (flyer)

9. Febr. 2008
Awarding of the prize "Peace Through Conviction" to Chris Capps-Schubert during the rally against theMunich Security Conference (speech,  Video).

15. May 2005
NYC Sister Cities trip, Report by Marie Voss

23. Febr. 2005
Rally "Not Welcome, Mr. Bush!", contribution by Tim Slater

12. Febr. 2005
 Participation at the demonstration against the NATO Security Conference

10. July 2004
On the occasion of the "handover of power" in Iraq: "War is Terror" (flyer text)

10. April 2004
Easter march, speech (in German) by Jeff Schevitz

20. March. 2004
Rally, anniversary of the beginning of the war against Iraq, speech (in German) by Richard Forward

6. Feb. 2004
Rally against the Munich Security conference, speech (in German) by Richard Forward

12 Okt. 2002
Rally on the occasion of the first anniversary of the vigils "War is No Means against Terror, War is Terror". Speech by
Marion von Hofacker (German)
22. May 2002
Demonstration (Photos) "We don't want your wars, Mr. President!"
Speech contributions of  Jeff Schevitz (German) and Pat Biondo, (unfortunately no repeat of the skit "Umbrella (shield) against rogues ")
20. April 2002
Infostand "The Other America" on the occasion of the "March on Washington".
Karlsplatz/Stachus 9:00 -11:30 , Photos
13. Okt. 2001
"Against the militarization of space"
Contributions by Pat Biondo (German) und John Otranto (English and German translation) , Skit " Umbrella (shield) against rogues "