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The Palestine-Israel conflict
It affects us all in one way or another

June 2006   The years are passing. An end of the conflict is not in sight.

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Report 2004 by Peter Voss: "Olive harvest in Palestine"/ "Olivenernte in Palästina"

An interesting contribution to this topic is the discussion that took place in the book supplement of the New York Times between the American participants of the Camp David discussions, Robert Malley and Dennis Ross and, e.g. Ehud Barak (articles by Robert Malley  , article of  June 27th, 2002 ).
This discussion is described in a contribution of Wolf Lepenies in the Süddeutsche Zeitung of  July 11th, 2002.
Unfortunately all articles were only temporarily accessible for free in the web.
The view of things of Bavarian state and local polititians became evident on the occasion of the demonstration "Against Antisemitism and Terror " (German) on July 12th, 2002.

For current events see Gush Shalom , PEACE NOW !, Tikkun , Palestine Center , RamallahOnline ,  the newspapers Ha'aretz , The Nation and Guardian, the latter one has more references in its Middle-East section.

Not at all outdated is the Mitchell Committee Report .